Lavender is one of the most gentle and versatile essential oils.  Clears and stimulates the mind.  
Eases insomnia, stress, worry, shock, depression, impatience.  Beneficial for respiratory problems
such as bronchitis, asthma, colds, flu, coughs, sore throat.  Helps to alleviate headaches (massage
a drop into temples and forehead).  Lavender helps to strengthen the immune system and speeds
the healing process, especially when used in bath and massage.  It has strong antiseptic and
antibacterial properties.  Excellent for burns and wounds, insect bites/stings, infections, poison ivy
and oak, skin problems, cold sores and athlete's foot.  May be used undiluted directly on the skin.  
When used with massage it helps to relieve muscular, arthritic and rheumatic pain.  
Uses:  Bath,
massage, sauna, steam inhalation, chest rub, hair and skin care, diffuser, spray mist.
Tea Tree
Invigorating, penetrating, balancing.  Helps to clear and open the energetic pathways of the body and
mind.  Helps to alleviate grief and sorrow.  Has strong antiseptic, antibiotic, and antiviral properties.
Chest rub, steam inhalation, or a few drops on your pillow at night is excellent for respiratory infection,
colds, flu, fevers and other respiratory problems.  Used with massage, it helps to ease muscular and
arthritic pain.
 Uses:  Bath, massage, sauna, chest rub, steam inhalation, diffuser, spray mist. Great
as an antiseptic spray mist for killing airborne bacteria.
A "Miraculous" Oil.  It is the most effective and non-toxic antibacterial and anti-fungal essential oil.  
May be applied undiluted to skin.  Stimulates the immune system.  Excellent for all types of infection,
burns, wounds, insect bites/stings, tooth and gum infections.  The antiviral properties assist the
healing of colds, flu and cold sores, asthma, bronchitis.  The anti-fungal properties are beneficial in
alleviating athlete's foot, warts, ringworm.  Excellent for skin problems such as rashes, dandruff and
acne.  A must have for first aid kits.   
Uses:  Bath, massage, chest rub, steam inhalation, diffuser.
An extremely versatile oil.  Refreshing, exciting and revitalizing.  Stimulates and awakens the mind.  
Calms the nerves in times of hysteria or shock.  Excellent for headaches, nausea and motion
sickness.  Very beneficial for digestive disorders.  Great for colds, flu and fever.  A drop in water
makes a wonderful breath refresher and mouthwash.  Great antiseptic cleanser for the skin.  
Peppermint can be a skin irritant: dilute before use.  Should not be used during pregnancy.  
Massage, diffuser, bath, spray mist.
Cheerful, vibrant and light.  Eases moodiness and depression.  Stimulates and clears the mind.  
Beneficial for the liver, pancreas, gallbladder and kidneys.  Aids blood circulation.  Aids lymphatic
drainage, fluid retention and cellulite when used with massage.  
Uses:  Bath, massage diffuser,
spray mist.
Sweet, fruity aroma.  Relaxing and calming.  Encourages a happy mood and instills confidence.  
Promotes mental clarity and emotional balance.  Aids in sleep, depression and fear.  Aids lymphatic
drainage, fluid retention and muscular spasms when used with massage.
 Uses:  Bath, massage,
diffuser, spray mist.
Refreshing, purifying and uplifting.  Antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.  Eases anxiety,
depression, confusion.  Stimulates the immune and nervous systems.  Assists with purification of the
blood and lymphatic system.  Aids healing of wounds and infections.  
Note:  Lemon is a skin irritant.  
Always dilute.  
Uses:  Bath, massage, sauna, skin care, diffuser, spray mist.
Fresh, citrusy & sweet. Lime can help lift depression and lighten your mood when feeling blue.  Lime
oil is known for its ability to soothe conditions such as acne, dull skin and asthma.  
Uses:  Bath,
massage, sauna, skin care, diffuser, spray mist.  Add a few drops to the water when washing dishes
or cleaning the house.   
Note:  Lime is a skin irritant.  Always dilute.  
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