An ear candle, sometimes called an ear cone, is a
long hollow tube tapered to a hand-finished tip,
that fits comfortably into the outer ear canal.  

The large end of the candle is lit and the smoke
created spirals down through the ear candle into
the ear during the first couple of minutes of the
burn after which the flow changes direction.  

Using ear candles is comfortable
, non-invasive,
peaceful and actually quite pleasant experience.
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**Your personal and financial information will
always be kept secure and confidential and will
never be sold to a third party.**
If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, we will provide a full refund for the unused
portion returned to us within
7 days of purchase less shipping (except International Orders).  You
must return the unused portion in the same packaging and condition.  If the ear candles are
damaged due to mis-use, poor packaging, heat exposure, moisture damage or otherwise unusable,
your refund will be denied.  Return shipping is not refundable.  Please allow up to 30 days for all
refunds.  Refunds will be by check only.   If the product is damaged during shipping to you we will
provide a replacement order at no charge after receiving the damaged order back.

Not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Our associates,
manufactures, contractors and vendors assume no liability for the ear candling process, or for any
damage, harm, unexpected reaction or complication that might occur during or after the
administration of ear candling.  The user assumes full responsibility and does not hold the seller
liable for any claims, obligations, injury, expense or damage resulting from the use of this product.  
The FDA has not evaluated this product for safety or effectiveness.  Do no use ear candles as a
substitute for professional treatment.
Ear Candles by Lynn' s Corner
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