DO NOT use ear candles alone.
Have someone help you.

Items you will need:                                            

paper plate
container of water
cotton swabs

Make an opening in the plate large enough for the candle to fit
through.  Insert the small end of the candle through the plate,
making sure the opening of the candle is not bent or pressed

Have the person lay of their side in a comfortable position,
or if you prefer you can be sitting or standing up.  Place a
damp towel over the head and shoulder to protect the hair,
clothing and upper body.

Light the large end of the candle and seat the candle in the ear
at a slight
angle to prevent any melting wax from running down
the candle into the ear.  If smoke is escaping from the small end,
readjust the candle.

You may remove the candle every couple of inches to cut off
the ash into the container of water.  Then reposition the candle
in the ear.

Allow the candle to burn about 5" from the tip, putting it
into the container of water to extinguish.

Use the cotton swab to clean the outer part of the ear of any
residue.  If you experience any itching or discomfort after
candling it is recommended that you put one drop of our
"EAR OIL" on the cotton swab and gently swab around the
outer ear.

Use common sense and always be cautious when using this
product. The user accepts full responsibility and does not
hold the seller liable for misuse of ear candles.
Ear Candles by Lynn' s Corner