Questions:  What are the size of your ear candles?

10 1/2" - 11" long.

Questions:  How long do our ear candles burn?

Answer:  Because each ear candle is hand made the burn time
varies.  It is approximately 10-11 minutes.

Question:  Where are your ear candles made?

Answer:  Our ear candles are individually hand made by us in

Question:  Why our ear candles?

Answer:  Our ear candles are made with the highest quality of
materials, including unbleached cotton muslin, pure high-grade
beeswax and/or food-grade paraffin and all natural essential

Question:  Is there any reason I should not use ear candles?

Answer:  Ear candles should not be used if you have a
perforated ear drum, recent ear or sinus surgery, bleeding or
draining of fluids from the ear or tubes in the ear.

Question:  Does ear candling really work?  

Answer:  We have received very positive results reported with
the use of our ear candles.  This feedback has included relief
from ear pain, ear problems, hearing problems, sinus
problems, headaches and even infections have been reduced
with the help of the natural essential oils in our herbal candles

Question:  Do ear candles really extract wax from the ear?

Answer: Yes & No.  Ear candles don't really provide the
suction necessary to extract much wax.  Other manufacturers
claim ear candles do but we know this to be false. If they did
create that much suction or vacuuming effect it would be
damaging and dangerous to the ear.  

Question:  What is all that gunk left in the ear candle?

Answer:  That gunk left in an ear candle is a combination of
burning muslin, wax from the ear candle and some ear wax.  
You may also see a small amount of powder left in the ear
candle.  To test this just burn an ear candle outside of the ear
and then cut it open.  

Question: How many ear candles should be used per session?

Answer:  Typically 2 to 4 ear candles are recommended.

Question:  Can I do ear candling by myself?

Answer:  NO.  You are using an open flame.  It is important to
have someone assist you when using ear candles.  Complete
instructions are included with your order.

Disclaimer:  Not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or
prevent any disease.  Lynn's Corner LLC, their associates,
contractors and vendors assume no liability for the ear
candling process, or for any damage, harm, unexpected
reaction or complication that might occur during or after the
administration of ear candling.  Do not ear candle alone or
unattended.  Do not ear candle while under the influence of
drugs or alcohol or while operating a motor vehicle.  The user
assumes full responsibility and does not hold the seller liable
for any claims, obligations, injury, expense or damage
resulting from the use of this product.  The FDA has not
evaluated this product for safety or effectiveness.  Do not use
ear candles as a substitute for professional treatment.

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